Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maya Reynolds for MB999

These are some photos from the look-book that photographer Glenn Campbell shot for the very hip, exquisitely designed (by the vibrant and talented Maya Reynolds), and beautifully made men's clothing line, MB999.

This is Tyler. Australian surfer, model, designer of his own clothing line and all around nice guy. Oh, and kinda cute. The theme was sort of "Modern Cowboy". I made this kind of tribal-y hairpiece out of strips of silk, leather, twine and wool hair. You can't really see what it is in this shot because of the backlighting, but it's the stuff flowing off his hair

This is Sean, who couldn't have been sweeter despite the deep, sexy, intense look. Maya and super stylist Calvin wanted some feathers in the hair (which I made super chunky and texturized with LOTS of product ... I'm sure he hated me shampoo time). The whole shoot was done up on Glenn's 1920s apartment roof. Really fun day!

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