Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lori Dorn

I know, I know .... where have I been? Well its been a combo of personal life changes coupled with working on things not really writing-worthy. Not that they're bad things, I just didn't want to bore you. And honestly, I just haven't felt all that interested in blogging. I go through phases. Don't we all? But then I had sort of an epiphany; rather than focusing this blog solely on me and my (lately) non-exploits, maybe I'll just do what most others do and write about things around me or things that interest me or people I know.

Originally this was to be a forum for me to show my work, but much of what I do is frequently not photo related, so I also have the problem of not having content to give you. So I've decided to broaden its scope and that brings me to the painting you see above. It was a Christmas gift to me, painted by my friend Lori Dorn.

Lori and I started working together over 19 years ago. She's a photographer and originally she was doing publicity shoots, which is how we met. Later she settled into doing headshots for actors and has been quite prolific and successful. She has been very loyal to me, considering me "her" make-up artist and only wanting to use me and no one else when she works. I won't lie, this has caused some rifts ... her needing to work and me not being available because I've taken other jobs that interested me or came my way. But when all is said and done, we have a great working relationship and are totally on the same page when it comes to being detail oriented, uncompromising, and wholly driven by the desire to create a beautiful image.

Amazingly, Lori just picked up a brush about 9 months ago and started painting acrylics, something she had never done before. I had an inkling she may have had something like this in her, as she started painting her own backdrops a few years ago when she couldn't find the colors and textures she wanted for her photos. I kid her that she's manic ... she just paints, paints, paints non-stop, but the result is that she's made huge strides in a relatively short period of time. Anyway, you should check out her work here: for her paintings and here: for her photos.

And oh yeah, we have the exact same birthday. Except I'm older. Sigh ...

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