Sunday, May 29, 2011

My New Hobby

What? Is it too much? Wearing all of them I feel rather Renaissance.

So I started making jewelry. Specifically, silk knotting with semi-precious stones. I'm trying to recycle some old jewelry I never wear anymore. I've always preferred necklaces, so old earrings and the like are getting a new lease on life and I've got fun new things to wear.

This was the first piece I made. It's Jasper, Carnelian, Pyrite, sterling beads, and some pearls from a choker I got for my high school graduation that I dis-assembled (I never wore it, but it had sentimental value, and voila! Now I wear it ... or, er ... part of it) on gray silk.

For this necklace I took a sterling silver designer earring from the 90's (Lee Brevard. I bought it at Theodore. Remember them?) and strung it as the center piece with Pyrite, freshwater pearls, African Jade, Yellow Fluorite, and some gray faceted glass beads. I know, glass is not semi-precious, but they were pretty and they worked. This one's also on gray silk.

This is my very ethnic piece. The large center piece is an inexpensive costume jewelry earring made of plated brass. The two pieces flanking it are also earrings, but they're rather prized. I got them in the early 80's from a couple who was importing jewelry handmade by Afghani nomads. I bought several pieces. I think they're just glass, but I love them. The problem was that I don't wear earrings anymore. This piece is knotted with orange silk and features Peach Adventurine, Pyrite, Mother of Pearl, and Jasper.

This is a piece I made last night. The cameo is from a pair of my mother's earrings. My grandparents may have given them to her. I think they were from the late 30's to early 40's. The little gold chains to either side came from my graduation choker (see first necklace above). This one has little brass beads, Mother of Pearl, and Peach Adventurine knotted with  purple silk. I feel like all my pieces work well together and look really nice layered. Sort of gypsy chic.

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