Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christina Zilber/Jouer Cosmetics

Photo courtesy Christina Zilber 

Here I'm doing make-up for Christina Zilber, one of my very favorite clients (elegant, beautiful, intelligent, impeccable taste ... and a hell of a lot of fun. Can you tell I kinda idolize her?), for a Town and Country magazine layout. We were in that tiny narrow hall because that's where the best light was and as any make-up artist knows (well, picky ones like me) lighting is all.

Christina is the founder/owner of Jouer Cosmetics (pronounced zhoo-way, which is French for "to play") and I have been "playing with" her make-up line from the start. The colors are the kind of super wearable ones that I find I use on everyone again and again. Also, each color compact has a unique slide and click feature so that you can connect your faves together to create a chic, easy to travel with custom make-up kit. Big girl Legos!

All of the make-up has treatment ingredients in it as well, so you'll actually be improving your skin as you prettify yourself. Two must haves: Lip enhancer, a super emollient lip conditioner that plumps up your lip size with continued use ... it really works, and Luminizing Moisture Tint, an oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that evens out skintone, camouflages imperfections, protects your skin, softens lines and imparts a glow. It can be worn alone, worn under your base, or mixed in with your base to "lighten" the finish. In a pinch, I've used it as a leg make-up/body bronzer and it worked great. Truly a multi-tasker!

Jouer Cosmetics can be found at Henri Bendel's in NY or online at
Check em out!

Photo Courtesy Town and Country Magazine