Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelly Rowan

I think this was the third time I'd done Kelly's hair and make-up. One of the stars of the show The O.C., she likes to keep it very "au naturale". Photo is by Lori Dorn.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scout Taylor-Compton

Scout, best known for her role in the recent Halloweens I and II, is starring in the upcoming flick about the Runaways, called, uh, "The Runaways". She plays Lita Ford. Lisa Franchot did these shots, I did hair and make-up, and Scout charmed and looked beautiful. Mostly we were just playing around. Scout brought along some really great vintage wardrobe pieces. We ended up in Griffith Park with coyotes practically nipping at our heels ... no lie. They were numerous and wandering around in broad daylight, seemingly undisturbed by the goings on, and not afraid of being close to people. Kinda weird.