Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watch This

MB999 Menswear: Arthropoda Collection - Spring/Summer 2011 from MB999 Menswear on Vimeo.

I did hair and make-up on this fashion video for the really beautifully made and designed menswear collection MB999. It was a vision from the creative mind of designer Maya Reynolds, produced by Glenn Campbell, directed by Jason Matzner and shot by both Jason and Glenn.

Here's what designer Maya had to say;"The spring/summer collection, Arthropoda, was inspired by the exoskeletons of insects. I translated the shapes as well as the concept of armor into the seaming and construction of the clothing. This video depicts the evolutionary journey of an arthropod and parallel journey of man in his navigation of life, both through creation and destruction".

The video was a real collaboration and I'm glad I was asked to be a part of it. It was a totally fun day deep in a no man's land on the outskirts of downtown.

Check out the full collection here:  http://mb999collections.com

Btw, the MB99 line is cut very lean and many of the pieces could be unisex if you ask me. The fabrications are rich and fabulous and I could totally see myself wearing many of them.

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