Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm a f***ing Moviestar!

photo by Lori Dorn

A few days ago I did hair and make-up on a shoot for up-and-coming actress Susannah Hart Jones ... you can see another photo of her with a very natural make-up look here. I wanted to post this shot as well because I think it's gorgeous, plus I thought it might be interesting to see 2 very different make-up looks from the same day.

Anyway, as we were getting ready to go out and shoot this, Susannah asked, "So what look is this exactly?", and my reply was, "This is your 'I'm a f***ing moviestar' look". I do think she was sucessful in conveying that, no? Btw, it was FREEZING cold (I was dressed in a sweater and jacket and shivering) and she was wearing nothing but this little slip of a dress, her hands were blue, yet she focused, relaxed, and nailed it. That's the kind of thing that separates the "just another pretty girl" from those that have a chance of actually making it.